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432 MHz - 8 x 27 el yagi Array

Septum Feed for 1296 MHz

3.8 meter Stressed Parabolic dish


Dish Rebuild 2009


Tonna Driven Elements - Why they fail

Homebrew Amplifiers etc

I borrowed a Bencher and copied it.

1296 MHz - 3CX100A5 (N6CA) amplifier

50 MHz - single 4CX250B amplifier

50 MHz - pair 4CX250B Amplifier

144 MHz - 8930 amplifier

HT/Screen Power Supply - outside view

HT/Screen Power Supply inside view

GB50EMJ Earth - Moon - Jodrell Bank

The Jodrell Bank report

BBC News Item on You Tube

The G4RGK Licence NOV

The Story of the First Light Festival


G4RGK 432 MHz Aurora Log

Special Research Permit

70 cm Aurora Log


144 MHz EME Log


432 MHz EME Log


EME Initials Lists

Newsletter Initial standings

432 MHz First QSOs from England


Magic Rat - Drag Racing Team

Magic Rat