We offer an repair and rebuild service that supports all current and many obsolete models of actuator and switch/relay assembly produced by Western Manufacturing, Adwest, Adamant Engineering and Adwest Adamant.

This work is supported by the original manufacturing drawings, production/inspection schedules, and our extensive stock of spare parts.

We are able to repair or rebuild units to compliance with the original manufacturer specification, even in cases of extreme wear and damage.

Linear actuator rebuild

This linear actuator was originally manufactured in 1973, and was sent to us for overhaul in 2006 after long service in a desert environment.

Heavily corroded EOJ150 linear actuator received for repair.

Many components of the assembly were corroded beyond serviceability.

Close-up of heavily corroded EOJ150 linear actuator.

However, we were able to rebuild the unit, at fixed cost, to the original design specifications, in our purpose-built workshop.

EOJ150 linear actuator ready for dispatch