Adwest Adamant Actuators

Hutchinson & Dibley manufactures Adwest Adamant linear actuators (including the EOJ150 and UA2100 series) and rotary actuators (including the ERJ, EROJ, and UA series) to the original design specifications.

We also provide a comprehensive repair and remanufacture service and supply an extensive range of spare parts.

We also repair and supply spare parts for obsolete actuators manufactured and sold under the Western Manufacturing, Adamant Engineering and Adwest Engineering trade names. The following model and part numbers are supported:

EOJ150181 EOJ150701 EOJ150611 EOJ150631 EOJ150711
EROJ30371 UA2100 UA2120 EJ25 Mk1D EOJ150 Mk17
EOJ150571 UA2250 UA5420 UA5440 UA5460
UA5466 UA5666 UA5966 UA6466 EROJ30 Mk2
EROJ30081 ERJ60 Mk18 ERJ60101 ERJ60 Mk22 EROJ30 Mk3
EROJ30131 ERJ85 Mk1 ERJ85001 ERJ85 Mk2 ERJ85041
ERJ85 Mk3 ERJ85050 EROJ30 Mk3B MAA2705/1 TS101 Mk14
TS151 Mk14A TS321 Mk21 SS075 SS125 UA570
UA770 G100 Mk10 EJ25 Mk2D EJ25 Mk5C EJ60 Mk19
0213221 0213321 0213201 0213301

Our manufacture and repair facility has ISO 9001:2015 approval and has been certified to the approval standards of major international gas turbine and jet manufacturers. All manufacture and overhaul work is conducted and inspected