We have over forty years’ experience in coil and armature manufacture. The sequence below illustrates the manufacture process for a generic armature.

The armature shaft, laminations, and commutator are gathered from stock.
Using a variety of presses, the parts are assembled into the form shown.
The windings are created around the lamination stack.
The separate coils are terminated on the commutator in strict rotation.
The armature is then dressed with fibreglass insulation and tested for continuity and insulation resistance.
The armature windings are impregnated in a vacuum chamber and submitting the assembly to 30 inches of vacuum. At this point varnish is admitted, the chamber is then pressurised to 3 bar. This ensures that there are no airlocks in the windings.
The armature is diamond machined to close tolerances, completing the assembly, and undergoes final testing.