Doug McArthur VK3UM



L to R: G4RGK, VK3UM, G3LTF Cambridge 2012


Doug and I first met on the 20m net around 30 years ago, in those days Doug was running 24 yagi array on 432 and I had just built a group of 4 NBS yagis. We made many 432 EME skeds but could never make it. Doug was not convinced his array was working well and mine certainly wasnít, so when Rainer DJ9BV designed a new 8 yagi array using open wire feeder, Doug built one, the results were remarkable. I still have the plot of Sagittarius he did with his array using his software.Shortly after this I built my own version of the using the experience that Doug had gained in building his. Once they were both running properly, we were easily able to exchange reports via the Moon using these two arrays, at the time we were both using K2RIW amplifiers, Doug managed to get more out of a K2RIW than anyone else I have ever seen, probably by using the knowledge he gained in keeping Radio Australiaís transmitters on the air.

Over the years we continued to meet up on the 20m net and at various EME conferences. Doug would keep us all entertained with his stories of his time in Darwin working with Radio Australia, his time in the Middle East. Alice Springs and working for the ACMA. Dougís speciality was the effects of EMR. The EMRcalc program he wrote is used by widely used by professional bodies to assess radiation risks.

In the late nineties he was able to buy a piece of land and build Tikaluna on top of a hill in the wilds of Victoria, which he did despite severe health problems. Wanting to get back on eme, He then built a substantial mount and hydraulic system, on which he mounted a 28ft Kennedy dish .As well as being a first class software engineer, he was also a first class mechanical and electrical engineer. As can been seen from his many magazine articles, papers at conferences and the pictures on his website.

Doug and Bev came to England in 2001 and again in 2012, my wife and I were pleased to be able to spend four days with them.

Our last qso was during the Dubus CW EME contest last month as the Moon rose in England, there was Doug calling cq on 432.018 (he was always on .018 on any band)

Although the 20m net was abandoned over the last few years, we had continued to meet up a couple of times each week on Teamtalk or Skype to discuss the latest innovation to his software and generally put the world right. Doug was a smashing bloke and Iím going to miss him a great deal.


Dave G4RGK,

March 2016