What is an EME Initial.?


The definition of initial has been determined historically by agreement amongst the EME community,


An initial contact is said to have been made been two stations when they have exchanged BOTH calls and reports and confirmation of the same via an EME path.


Reports should use the TMO or RST system (it is not possible to complete a QSO with a T report)


The use of a non EME communication path to confirm any part of the QSO whilst the attempt is in progress, will invalidate the initial.


The rules applied to the stations concerned allow for only one initial to be counted no matter how many callsigns activate that particular station. Which means that a club station only counts for one initial, no matter how many members use it.


Conversely an EME station would count as a new initial (for those working it) every time it moved to a new grid square (FN21-FN20 etc).

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